cavalier king charles spaniel


 A Dream that came true

Her story could begin like a fairy tale because living with her was as wonderful as a fairy tale: Once upon a time…

it was the early 1980s and I had successfully bred English Cocker Spaniels, but during a trip to England I saw the marvellous breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for the first time and it was love at first sight. I imported a pretty tricoloured cavalier with an excellent pedigree from England and she soon became a champion. She only had one female puppy that I called American woman. It was from the mating between this puppy and the Dutch male Ch.It.Erik V. H. Lamslag that For remember you, known as "Grace", was born.

She was also a special dog from when she was a puppy and our relationship was always very special. She spoke to me with her large and beautiful eyes. This is her story, from when she was born to the successes at shows and our wonderful moments together. She always came first and was judged excellent at shows and won awards at numerous C.A.C.I.B.s with different judges. My greatest joy was that my little Grace was the first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born andbredinItalytowin the Italian championship,on29th January 1988, although hergrandmotherandfather had already been champions butcamefrom not-Italian kennels.
It was not only her beauty that was her strong point, but her very lovely character and elegance made everyone who saw her fall in love with her. After may years, I can still remember her first show which was for pet dogs and valid for the title of Italian champion. That day I was very nervous even although it was by no means my first show: I had not even had butterflies like that on the day in 1980 in Madrid with my Cocker who won the junior world championship title. I was so nervous because she was taking part and I had learned that the judge I didn’t know was Austrian and an expert on this breed. His opinion could mean a fine career or a fiasco. Waiting for my turn, a bundle of nerves and in a turmoil of emotion, I continued grooming my little Grace. At last it was my turn and that day will always be in my heart. Grace was memorable: she won her first title for the Italian championship with a sensational score. Happiness is also made of these little things that warm a heart. Other trips followed: Rome, Naples, Bologna, Turin, Genoa etc., all with the same success and thanks to her this breed, which at the time was practically unknown, began to be discovered at shows in Italy.

This was Grace: gentle, with a healthy appetite, loving, beautiful and as clever as a little fox. Sometimes I still seem to see her behind the French window with her nose glued to the pane because when I went out she would go behind the door and wait there until I got back. Thank you, Grace for everything that you gave me, and my life continues with loving all the other Cavaliers that there are and those that will come in the future.
All my dogs from the past and the ones I have today will always be with me.

I have written this little poem for you, Grace.

"For Grace"

Grace is a colour of the rainbow,
a breath of wind,
a wave of the sea.
a summer evening’s sunset.
Grace is the sun on a wintry day,
a star in the sky
a glass of champagne.
Grace is a dream that has come true,
a very sweet angel,
Grace is my cavalier.